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27 February, 2011
I don't know since when I stopped blogging , and don't know why am I here to update this neglected blog today .It's been around 5 months ever since the last post . Don't even know where should I start this post . so maybe I should start with this my Chinese New Year 2011 (:

this is the first chinese new year I bought the least clothes . I finally managed to get a cheap and nice quality cheongsam from midvalley for chinese *nin choe yat* . So here it goes , went back to Tanz family for a reunion dinner ......
Every year , our cny reunion dinner is fully attendance , but sadly this year we have lost our uncle .Who was passed away in nov 2010 .We miss him so much .  Anyhows, he is always kept in our hearts , hope he was watching us from heaven and we had this dinner together .

Tanz flowers !

me and coco

again tanz flowers without make up :D

doggie baby also has her new clothe. 

my entire fifteen days of chinese new year was basically gambling , drink, eat and gambling .
then HUATTT AH !