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19 August, 2010

Hello bloggies !

Suddenly there was an strong inspiration drag me here to blog . lol! my blog is finally revive after dying for so long . I know I'm a suck blogger who does't update all the time .So yea , it has been couple of months since my last post . Let me update a little of u guys...

First of all , my studies,trial exam is coming in a month time and yet I am still sitting right here . As you all know I am taking up this sucky path STPM , which has drag me 2 years time . I am actually a little regret for now , cause it's too tough for me and yet I need to keep on running to catch up or else I will be drowning inside . For now I only keep persuading myself with just couple of months the I'll be free like birds (; wheeeeee.

Secondly , it's partyyyyy . It's was an all black party as well as Marvenie's birthday !

Party  , and party and party all night long  !!!

Couple of weeks back (; Desaru + Melaka

I was kind of got cheated to this trip . lol somebody told me it's around 4 or 5 hours to Desaru where is located at Johor . We ended up took around 8 hours to reach the destination .  But lucky was we did had our great time there (;

lol , the wave was too strong !

mom and dad (;

to be continueeee (;