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Take it up , swing it away .
23 June, 2010

It's enough for me to update all these sad and emo  .I really wanna update about something great and happy in my life ,sadly there's really nothing much and worth to make me happy or feel great :/ 

The only thing recently which makes me put on a button "like" is dancing. I have been suffering from various of stress .Dancing isn't a bad remedy as well . I might take up some dancing class ? yeah , as in belly dance or something which I have keen on long long time ago .

I have no idea whether it works for you guys , but it kinda works for me . Which is whenever I am focus on something else , I might forget the previous I focus one . So yea , what I mean is , if you're feeling depressed or torturing . You should try not to focus on them and try to fall for something else .

 I got inspired by reading a book called The Secret . A very famous philosophy book on my shelf which was bought don't since when ages ago  . It is written there the law of attraction says that like attracts like . But we're really talking at a level of thought .Which means whenever you are thinking about something , you're actually attract the like thoughts to yourself . ok , If I am not mistaken explaining it :)

This is how I realized .I am actually attracting more like thoughts to myself. I know that I miss him so badly , I even wanna hold back what I have missed. So I keep missing missing and missing him. It's no different from torturing . I would stop the missing , as in the like above and in order not to attract more missing to torture myself . Instead , I found dancing is another like for now . Well , it might not help immediately , but I know at least it will reduce my sorrows . 

I will stop here and off to watch football . 
ciaoz baybeh 
xoxoxox (;