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17 April, 2010
What a wonderful sunday morning , it has been few weeks that I did not up my blog to date . I am gonna update a little about my daily time in college . Since I seldom do so , although how stress on the studies is , I would still able to pick up some joy ^^ . Here is some sharing about my recent college life .

She called Wai Kwan .a very lovely friend of mine , she's a little nyonya :)
 It was the day we visited to Parlimen , everyone was supposed to dress like OL and traditionally.
form left ,me ,ykwan ,fish , and candy .

Next ,
They called KPC , which stands for Keh Poh Ci . they are also my college mates
from right elaine , tanzhijun (she has the similiar name if mine tanzheeyi ^^) , apple , me and fish .

All the girls in my class , the time when we were heading to choco factory (:

 The time we have sports in college , volleyball training every thursday. Including camwhore ^^

Swimming time in college .

class pic . spoted me ?

On the other hand , here's the life out of college ....

Headed to painball with AH family . It was the very first time I played painball , might be the last time . I kinda like it at the same time I hate it as well , cause it was really hurt when I got shot . But undeniable it was a really great experience .

this is before the game and we should listen to the briefing . .. I wasn't even listening x)

actually the gun was kinda heavy, I was pretending to smile naturally .

and still briefing....
 Part of the group ..

These are all the swollens I got.

this most hurtful one was actually not this , it was on my elbow one ><'