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25 February, 2010
My 2010 CNY Part 2 + Valentine's day (:

First of all Gong Hei Fat Choi to anyone who's reading this post  . Brand new year , with brand new dream , I wish  this year will be going better than last year. By the way , I have read the chinese fortune magazine , according to the Chinese Zodiac or Chinese Horoscope or however u call it I don't know , it says those who categorise as Sheep will get the best fortune this year ! Lol , I ain't trying to be superstitious but haha better be like that ^^

like for those
who're poor will become rich ,
who needs a boy or girl friends ? there's a queue , people lining up for you .  
who're fell in sick ? will get recover without eating medicine
Score A  for exam without studying ... and so on so on

hahah , that were only what I wish . so anyway , always be optimistic and satisfied  with what you've is enough for everything . 所谓知足最快乐 (:

So , the night before actual cny was a reunion dinner . I was doing what every chinese suppose to do on that day , which was back to grandma's house a had a reunion dinner as well as gamble. Here it goes the
Tan -Tan family .

me and the Kimiko Tan jim me
my cousin bro Nicholas Tan

Emilie Tan , Michelle Tan . and Tan zhee yi (:

Emilie Tan and Mario Tan
and my bro is back ! Tan Wai Chuan ! ^^

Next ...

Valentine's day we went over to Pavillion @ Fridays .

 It's the saddest day for all single ladies .Couples everywhere , even the menu of the day was only available couple set dinner . Lol so we ordered 2 sets of it . x.x' Anyhows , I had so much of  fun and happy in the dinner , people sweet talked , and we talked about ghost stories instead ...

Emilie and I were cursing like shit about why flowers on the table , don't they know we're single ?? damn !!
this is the ugliest petals I have ever seen . ><' 
lol , obviously our jealousy is leaking out oredi ... poor us .

my young pretty aunty , Kate Tan
Cousin Jenny Tan

 It's tiger year wooohoooo !

Emilie Tan , Kate Tan , and Jenny Tan

After that , We headed to do fish spa ^.^
it's my very first time to do fish spa after hearing  so long about this .

lol , my foot seem delicious to them .

she couldn't stand the ticklish ..

 byebye !!! ^^