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01 February, 2010
Last day of the month

This is the end of january ?how fast it is ,  in the previous post that I said I will quit movies ,shopping and only during holidays,now I should eat back these words .How can I resist not to watch movies  .. LOL ! Finally , I 've watched Chipmunks , Legion and Tiger woohoo  in this week .

I bought Chipmunks dvd and watched at home .It's cute characters but poor storyline. moderate movie .

Next , watched Legion with friend in cinema  .How many movies do we really have about angels? Well if you can name a few, I bet they don't involve them using machine guns and waging war on mankind. Needless to say, the movie itself doesn't sound that appealing to me. I  love the premise of this story. If the movie is half as good as the trailer I will be extremly happy.I don't really understand the ending , why does the good angels revive ? when he is already dead ,blur much ? @.@

Thirdly ,
watched a very local so called Malaysian's movie which was Tiger woohoo with friends

.This movie is very funny indeed as for the first time they produce a local Malaysians comedy . Good job they've done , althought I find that  they are a little copy cat of singapore's comedy ...not so bad lor