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28 February, 2010
Everyone dyes their hair before chinese new year  , while I dye on the last day of chinese new year lol . Prices are going up like mad during new year . So yea , finally I got my hair dyed yesterday , I quite like the colour but the problem is the previous highlighted hair still couldn't be covered by the new one . It turns out a little greenish .I hope it doesn't look that funny anymore , at least better ? please tell me it is .. lol ><'

Before .



Last but not least , Happy 19th Birthday to my beloved zimui Tan Jia Wen 陈嘉雯, see I know how to write your chinese name ,you thought I don't know only . LOL I have so many things to write yet I don't know how to put them in words . I have known this stubborn + sambat + cute women since form 2 if I'm not mistaken , that means my unlucky life started from 6 years back , jjoking =).Yes , we have been knowing each other for 6 years already . How time flies . 6 years also is not easy for you and me to get through it . All the days filled with laughters and tears are still deeply found in heart . Especially when I face with problems , tears shedding  u're always be the tissue supplier x) . Do you still remember that time we stayed back for basketball in school , when I fell into the drain, leg was bleeding like shit ?I yell so many times nobody actually saw me  lol that was impressive to me , you were the only one found me in there, my saviour.Alright ,  I will just stop here , it's endlessly to write about you and me. . ok u're 19th already no reason to be so sad . 19 isn't that old , it's just a number but just one more year to become 20th .lawl ... (:

cgoodnight and ciaoz ^^!!