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16 January, 2010

Argh !
Just came back from Petaling Street , I swear if i'm not tuition there , I wouldn't even go there anymore . As usual after finished my tuition walked to the nearest train station to go home. There was a guy came to us and asked us to buy bags . Common sense ,when you don't mean to buy a bag , you would be like just continue walking and give a smile or say thankyou .Out of sudden that f-king retard guy shot my leg with rubber band , I was shocked and thought of it was some insects bite me for that moment .So when I turned around , tht asshole was holding a stack of rubber band , I pretty sure it was him , so I just stopped a while and gave a stared and started cursing *&&^%%$*%&^% .

  he had seriousy spoilt my weekend mood ! dump ass , seriously dump ass , no wonder selling bags in petaling street !!!

Next ,

I wanna wanna so wanna watch movie , there's a lot of movies I still haven't watched yet . even Avatar sangat-the- out- dated  I know :(

1) Avatar
2) Woohoo
3)The spy next door
4)Old gods

i wanna watch all of it .. anyone ?? (: