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01 January, 2010

Hey my blog readers , sorry for the lack of update . here is a consecutively updates from last week till the lastest . okay , lets start from my Christmas Eve .My phone rang non-stop with messages and incoming calls since 23th night ,all about eh where u go on x'mas eve ? or how you celebrate christmas eve ? As u all thought a christmas eve usually stay home and have a warm dinner with family eating turkeys :P yes , that was what I did , erm I mean kind of similary what I did .I hang out with [AH] family , headed back to our home where is  'Poppy' . and had a nice dinner 'Chivas' .

So before the party started in Poppy , we headed to Aloha and had fun with my auntie and uncle , since there was already heated up . That was the first and last time for me to go there , all old hags around @.@.

before party everything was just nice .

[AH]'s ladies

after party I was *dabao* ! fainting !wasted my x'mas eve just liketht :S

28/Dec/2009~31/Dec/2009  Langkawi trip with [AH] (:

We took a midnight bus to there , so that we could start our trip once we woke up from sleep .Sadly I had no nice sleep in bus , even though i tried my best to imagine my seat was a super comfy bed

Finally , we reached there around 7 ish in the morning . After our breakfast then to the ferry (:


For more pictures check out my facebook .
New year eve , something happened on me .  I had a terrible new year eve - AGAIN ! The end of the story was I cried and i slept alone to welcome year 2010 .

THE NEXT DAY ~ 1/1/2010

I have spent almost 2 hours to complete this post ,although it's a little not well arranged , hope you guys enjoy and appreciate .

ciaozz , xoxo :)