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14 December, 2009

Last week .  had a day trip with Selina and Seng in kl , they both come from Genting and Singapore, clubbing with [Ah] , as well as had a wedding dinner .It was suppose to continue my next event which was going to Kuantan for 3 days 2 night , sadly tuition class always be the one ties me up. So here's a little update for this neglected blog .

A day trip to Pavillion , Sungaiwang ,and Petaling Street (:

Then to the poppy poppy with [AH] (:

Selina <3


Three of us

emilie and fook

[AH]Nellie ,emilie , May

Ah boy

& Payam (:

The next day ,had a wonderful wedding dinner with family :)

Tan's family cousins .from left Locus , Christopher , Nicholas , Me , Emilie and Natasha <3

Grandparents & kakak ^.^

quote of the day :
sometimes you don't need to explain yourself to anyone ,
because the one who loves you doens't need it
while for  those who dislikes you will never believe it .
 so true !