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23 December, 2009

Christmas eve~eve
Hollaa buddies :), I always have nothing else to update my blog besides outing with friends :[ yealo , please forgive me! Tomorrow is christmas eve how fast time flies , I still remember my last year christmas was being ffked . Someone suggested celebrating X'mas in genting , and asked me to book a room , I thought of it would be fun too.So then after I paid and booked and he ffked . So , I ended up wasted my last year christmas in genting with a few buddies :S Okay , lets back to what i'm going to blog today , went over to genting with family last friday . We decided to take cable car , the crowd was freaking shocked me there , no exaggerate there were roughly 500 people in front of me in the queue ,since it was a public holidays .

Before heading to Genting , stopped by strawberry garden (:

emilie you look like ah nehneh after came back form pangkor :P

Left strawberry garden , headed to take cable car .i am not lying , check out the crowd @.@

and after 2 hours finally !!!

cousin , lil bro and daddee.

eh tell me what you want when you posing like this xD

so here i end ta genting post . be right back (: ciaoz