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10 November, 2009
Just Another Insomnia

It's 2.am obviously I'm insomnia again ! I tried hard to sleep early like around 11 ish , kept rolling until 11.50 stil couldn't able to sleep .
 Just done my freaking account work and have gone through the costing papers . I find that costing is actually more interesting than account , not to say it's easy .But it won't spins your head round and round like account does .I hate acc when I put so much efforts to look for the ans and it ends up with throwing you a boom , wrong ANSWER !!! really tear my heart apart ....

So yea i thought of doing some account works might be the best medicine to put me assleep , but it works the other way around , as I use my brain i'm getting more awake >< .

lol 2am camwhore ... got to admit that i'm really jobless .now T.T'

act like i love account

but actually

i f**k it . see those column ? headache really .

good night . or i should say good morning . since it;s already
2.58 am ..