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07 November, 2009
Hit ta Poppy Garden . @ friday

Made a sudden decision ,went over  to Poppy last night . It wasn't so fun but quite fun LOL !
everything was just nice until I got flirted by a freaking random ugly man whose looks like an *accident scene* , know why ? because since accident scene is always sick and disgusting , so yea he looks like that.

*accident scene* says : hi , my friend wants to know you , can you come over to my table for awhile?

me : (shocked, since i see a yongsui ) : hahah , who's your friend ? i think it's okay , and excuse me can you get your hand off my shoulder ?

*accident scene* :  am I so rude to you ? just come for awhile only ?(pulling me, freaking annoying )

me : just say hi for me then , i don wanna go over your table all my friends are here .(got potong mood , and
      trying to look for help )

me : (giving eyes signal to vincent , emilie , and ck )

vincent : (being blur looking at me and did nothing, since he thought he was my friend ) x.x'
emilie : stonned there !
ck : wasn't looking at me at all ><'
me : ( shit !! )

finally , emilie stop stoning already and ask vincent for help !

vincent : yes ,your friend ar ? do you know him ?
me : nooo !
*accident scene* : (walked away )

Big claps to xiaobai aka vincent aka djdoubleU  save my life
ps :: emilie your doggie actually very useful


okay pictures timeee ....

Haunt for mickey !! look for emilie and i stand somewhere!!!!

swimming can always make you sober , since andy's always blurrr blurr . lol .^^

I swim in poppy poppy  =D poor ND got thrown into pool

upside down inside out all wet !

Okay, story ends here , ciaoz for movie  .