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19 November, 2009

Happily my com just got back connection yesterday , sadly I'm sick already since yesterday thanks to the  weather these days . ><" I have absolutely nothing special to blog about , since i'm sicked already just stay at home and going no where . I am currently very addicted to this Hk tvb drama series called *Gong Sum Gai * , I just googled the name in english it is "Beyond the realm of conscience". I am sure most of you who understand chinese would watch this .

okay lastly , here's the first shown my new lala hairstyle on picture which  I cut and highlighted two weeks ago.ok, you all may start laughing now ><" At first I thought highlight my hair would be cool , since I have never tried it before . Who knows the effect so freaking lala . hahahah I have got a shell already ^.^  . I would say being a lala is really cool , always entertain my friends . I being laughed non-stop :s

this is the hair before ~.~

okay byee .