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27 November, 2009
Happy 20th Birthday to [AH] CK <3

Dj fingercross in ta housee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Ck boss finally turn into20th , he 's partially adult already . So yesterday night was his night of getting a silver key ,one more year to get gold key ^^ lol . We hitted Maison in order to celebrate his birthday , almost the entire [AH] family showed up . It was awesome and wild , everyone get high ! See ta pictures would prove better (:

Birthday boy

emilie & christina

emilie & yvonne ,


emilie , may , i and nellie

vincent , christina , hsien, andy ,and kher

simon , andy and vincent

birthday boy and i

mandy and I

frm left (fill in the blank , i forgot his name , simon , christina , i and emilie

emilie , i ,and Christina (:

he got high !!

Next , they celebrated my birthday in advance  @ Grandmama's restaurant Pavillion
They gave me a surprise that just 6 people showed up for ta dinner at first , and they needed to leave early for something else ><" . Finally , thank god it was just a surprise . more pictures will be thrown up here later on .
stay tune (: