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30 October, 2009
I feel today is a wonderful Saturday ,although it's just a normal one as usual I still have to go tuition and i'm not going anywhere today :( , maybe it's a Halloween's saturday ? But who cares this is not an important day for a chinese like me .lol the only festival I am waiting for is Christmas only .
Btw , why am I so early , blogging in the morning ? This is like my first time ever blogging in ta morning .It's because I wanted to fold my blanket but someone*matzhut* is still sleeping like a pig ,so here I come to blog while waiting for the pig to wake up.But just blogging I don't think it takes enough time for her to wake up also , she seems doesn't has any signal to wake up x( ..sighh.

AAR is coming over to Malaysia today ,all the tickets are available for Digi's users .Sadly I have rejected AAR's concert due to tuition ><' I am so proud of myself *.*

Okay just two more weeks to go then set me free. exam mode now 

Lastly , Happy Halloween to all my buddies
ciaoz for breakfast ......