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14 October, 2009

Harrr low ! people I finally still have absolutely nothing to blog about , just update a post in order to inform you guys that i'm not dead yet just as this blog ^^.
Okay, I've just spent 2 and half hours to do a account . Yea , u didn't read wrongly I actually did my homework. I guess i'm enough of being a decadent and sluggard ><" . Anyway , should I proud of myself for finished up my accounts ? NOoooo , because I was so darn mad when I didn't get the same answers .Ps:: there were three methods to do that questions and i was suppose to get same answer with different method . but I get three different answer instead .><' I was nearly bang my head on the wall, saying that why la zheeyi so stupid /seicun?? That's why I need to come here to expose and calm down myself , then only continue with the rest later !I won't give it up anyhow !

Secondly ,

Happy Belated Birthday to My Beloved DADDY (:

his 44th years old birthday was yesterday . the hottest and the best father on the planet .
I love you no matter how...
jw knows why :)