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04 October, 2009
Hanged out with the "AH"gang for Mooncake Festival Eve not eating moon cake under beautiful moonlight but a steamboat dinner instead . It was supposed to be 7.30pm , all Malaysians' timing reached around 8 something . Emilie and I went punctually, got to reserve seats for the rest . (Emilie next time when they say 7 means we reach at 8 ok )
Honestly , the steamboat and barbecue wasn't that nice , some of it were not even cooked, skill problems! I know .But , I've still enjoyed seeing people unprofessional cooking , clumsy looks ,being scald and so on , It was more like a war than a dinner on the table ...
okayy pictures time (:

I'm lovin it (:

me ,Ahvin , Ck

*two goofy* Ckher& ND

Dj double U , and fingers cross

Emilie + Jason

LOL !look at the table O.o'

So , Wishing all the best luck , and onggg to my dear Emilie.Her big day PMR falls on this Wednesday .!!!! Gong hei saiii (: get a good result like straight A's got me sleep with you for a night ??? hahahahaah )

Let's work hard together, my finals in Oct too !!!after this we will MondayTuesday WednesdayThursdayandFriday !! Partyeveryday!! Partyeverydayyy !!!:D