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25 September, 2009

School-free (:

First few days went to Epoh and Pangkor with family . It reminds me of the school trip over Pangkor three years back a lots of memories *.* . Obviously the water and sands are so much dirtier than last time . that was the first disappointment , secondly headed over to the canteen for lunch sadly there was nothing better to eat besides nasi lemak .We had to take cap or bus which cost us rm60 one way .wtf right I know !!! they were like vampire sucking money instead of blood . The entire trip was quite boring wasn't as fun as it used to be . There's nothing else I get from there , and guess what I get cough , flu , and headache at the very first day ... Congratulation zheeyi !!
pictures time

Peace !

On our way there !!!

dirty seaside ><"
yeay CLOT (:

beautiful shells look like butterfly

marry my foot !!hahah i look funny *.* mouth opened

cycling around the island was quite fun

and finally we were like dead fish ! drained 99

A very first picture of pohpoh on my blog (: she looks happy :)
I was on the phone babi snap picture !

they fool me said the cap could be opened by lighter ><'
I blindly believe them
Good bye Pangkor!

*sorry Michelle there were actually more pictures ,but I lazy to upload ....

25 -9-09
It was suppose to celebrate Mich's sweet sixteen at Poppy Garden . Sadly she ended up did not manage to show up because of no transport :( It's okay i still love you :)
It's was a bikini party , I expected to see loads of hot chicks dance around with bikini but sorry it was very least . But still no regret of going there because of DJ MIA , she was awesome hwat
and her remix was great, I give two thumbs up .She made my night , even though I was not feeling that well . yeayy hope she will come back again from US (:

The Dry Ahvin

Mr Andy aka Mr blurblur

ck the girl behind so happee :D

Bumped into ArnoldLiew (: long time no see The wet Arvin after jumping into swimming pool !!

Lovely Bee Wei (:

Lastly , Dj Mia ,she is pretty hot . I miss her and her remix .

She remixed it , riverside I gotta feeling , it's pretty awesome check this out > http://dipdive.com/member/djMIA/media/78453