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05 September, 2009
Family day <3>

Went over to Low yat to repair my camera , didn't get to fix so Dad bought me a new one x)) i have a new toyyy !!happyy

Afterwards , we headed over to Quattro for supper , planned to bring my lil bro Dickson into Winter place, but they prohibit due to he is still under age , hahaha then my mom said let him come himself nextime. ( if it is still exist after 8 years ??) so no choice , headed back to Spring to have a supper before going home . Honestly , I don't really like life band , but since last night it had changed my point of view . It was actually not that bad , at least there was a cute guy playing electric guitar xD LOL !! and also the rock and roll of cause .

My Little bro -Dickson

and again

Me N Fries

Emilie in ta house <3
Dad and I n his half opened eyes xD

she doesn't allow me to show her face . so yeaaa here it is

Last but not least , this was the hwat guy I mentioned .
He called Jurion if I am not mistaken , he was so friendly and asked us to tag him on facebook .
well I don't really know how to spell your name . sorry !!
He is performing every Saturday over there *support*support* :D