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09 September, 2009
Hello Kitty !!!.

As usual went to school today , heard meowing~~ early in the morning
I thought somebody was imitating some cat s,who knows my classmate found three kitties inside a box :D hahaha they were pretty cute and adorable .

We were studying with it through out the day , but only a few of the teachers
realized there were kitties on the table , since our classroom is a lab and with
a large table . It was kind of hard to realize as well .

Beewei slept with three little kitties in class :D
They remind me of my little kitty which I rear two years back , it was actually
my dad picked up from a rubbish bin . It was thrown by some cold blooded
people , even it hadn't opened its eyes yet. Sadly it was dead I guess because of
it refused to eat without its mom . I still remember that was a raining midnight ,
and since that was my first time of rearing a pet , I thought it would feel cold since
it was raining . I found some cloth to cover it and fed it with milk . When i fed it
only i realized that the milk dripping out from its mouth and it was actually dead x.x
I feel so guilty every time I reminisce of it :(

May it rest in peace , and may it reincarnate not to be a abandoned kitty anymore :)

Good bye kitty