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10 August, 2009


Hey people, I have been deserted by current life for sometime indirectly this blog also get deserted .In addition, I was kind of emo these days .By the way , I should have make a post at 01: 23min :56 sec on 07.08.09 this timing only available thousand years once . Sadly I have nothing to blog about on that day .

SO here's a update , my classmate and I were actually talking about friendship today . She shared with me that one of her friend actually committed suicide just because of his/her friend doesn't trust in her . The friend jumped down from 3th or 4th floor in the school and yet she didn't die instead her spinal cord was broken so badly and now she becomes invalid . On the other hand , the friends did not even visit her during the operation that's cold blooded I know!! However , somehow I just really angry with those who doesn't cherish their life .and just ended it like rubbish . They wouldn't think of how much their parents hurt when they committed suicide .
Oppositely , recently the swine flu is deteriorated, what I know the latest update was 26 people relate to death because of H1N1 . There was one kid who only 5 or 6 years old get infected by it and passed away and also there was one pregnant women also get infected and passed away after she has given birth the baby no matter how suffer she was .

Until here , do you guys get what I am trying to express ? In brief , I just want to pass this message to all the teenagers including all my beloved friends . Do cherish your life , and remember a life ain't life without obstacle , don't ever think of end your life no matter how , because this is most foolish remedy and yet commit suicide doesn't solve problems .

I was acutally struggling much from the problem I face , after I think through it
Idunwantobe emogirl but a happeegirl .

Good Bye EMO ~