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28 August, 2009

It's already 1.45am , same problem appears insomnia,and i'm afraid of ghost *after watching loads of horror movie* later I need to put a lot of pillows around me , so that I can feel the safety.*yea even though i know it is useless . Okay as I've known time really flies , next tuesday starts school again . *i'm getting sick of it already ,slap ta principal><' . I thought of spending my holidays productively , Planned to visit Epoh friends and relatives , a vacation to a beach ,meet up with friends, and many many more but obviously I've failed to do so.shit tanzheeyi barbi i hate i hate myself ! %^F#U%C*^%K$@& argh I don't want to waste my holiday this way.

By the way ,since i am insomnia and jobless now. I really need toblog so much about this b!tch . I have never shot anyone
in ma
blog before , today here it comes I
guess You are darn proud to
be shot by me hor BIAAAATCH !
Helping someone to shoot 9
you actually , if you are a human being
pls to something being like
a human but not a bitch .like to *F*
around in people's bed , dirty
people's place u know or not ? You are
darn lucky to meet a friend like X, worry
about you this and that. Ended up
what X got was just a lie. It's a humiliation for
X to have such friend like you, you know . Somehow I hope what X worry would really happen on youbitch. Spending so much time on cheating people's money, struggling much thatyou are not carrying a fake branded hand bag or maybe proving thatyou are damn fucking high class ? I didn't know this is like all about your life , non-other than these words to describe you lame and meaningless . X doesn't shoot you ,doesn't mean that she agree
you , she was just being tolerate ,if let me know u do this again I would shoot you face to face *99.com* stupid siaozaboh .Okay i'm done with
shooting you
, hope you can celebrate your
mother'sday at your age sixteen. biaaatch .

gtg ciaozz !