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21 August, 2009
Finally I am holiday , feeling like free form jail or maybe like a bird flying out of its cage , no stress no accounts no studies for the next ten days woohoooo~~ H1N1 also will stop spreading in this ten days as well . * i wish

Isn't he hawwt ?

So I just came back from watching G.I JOE with Emilie , we just simply bought this ticket since we did not get The Orphan . We didn't expect that it was that awesome , with all those high technology effects made us amazed and laughed a lot . I think there's no plots in this movie , it was all climax for me . It was because starting from the begins it was already a war with exciting scenes till the end still about war fighting .In my conclusion , it is two thumbs up for the movie .

We prefer buy our snacks at Jusco , instead of the cinema's (expensive and less choice ).

She was really greedy and couldn't make up her mind which to choose .

So I decided to snap picture of her greedy face and she posed =.='

My first time ever ate such big pack marshmallow in cinema .

more pictures of the day will be posted up later . Since I am really drained now .

Last but not least , Happy 23 years old Virgin still-Birthday to

Cherence Wong Sia Ling <3

okay now I am really drained already , got to stop my fingers jumping on the laptop . It's 1 ish already ciaozzz & goodnight !