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26 August, 2009
B. E .M (bobo,emilie,michelle)

Michelle came over two days ago , and stayed over my house . She just went back , we gonna miss you (:

We had the urge to catch a horro movie since it was an official day

of ghost festival hahaha . Three of us crazy much , so drove to

Pavillion around 8'ish ,we watched" The Screen at Kamchanod"

we sesatsesat there finally we reached !!! I really had no sense of direction :(

We were more likely picnic than watching movie ,Mich bought 9 puffs ,

I bought donuts , Emilie bought marshmallow and drinks . hahahahah

after hiding all the foods here and there ready to get into cinema ,

they did not check us =.=.

In the cinema , like usual we laughed instead of terror while watching

the movie , don;t know why every horror scene turns out to be funny

when it came to us . We laughed until the girl in front of us turned

around a scolded . When she turned back , we continued laughing

. hhahaha really annoying ! i know .

my phone automatically snap a shot when it aims something amazing hahah .

not my fault sorry michelle ! xP

Headed to Kepong food court for supper after movie . Reached home, took bath
, chitchat & 38 with them . We slept aroound 3ish .

The next day , Emilie and I had tuition so go nowhere . At night

,Babe Emilie had some argue with her Dadee*s.lou.y*hahah

so Mich and I bought some snacks and beer to her house, in order to cheer her up .

We looked like auntie that time , so uhrmpp excuse me , can't see our faces .

cheeeeers !!
We three had so much of fun of gossiping xD ! Chit-chat until 2 ish
, but I only get to sleep around 3 ish , since my nostrils are blocked and
I got to use my mouth to take breath damnit!!

Saw this dress through Vivi's website . so nice !

okay gtg (: