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31 August, 2009
29th August 2009 -Michelle's place & Quattro night

First station to Michelle's house , took a very bery long way to Ampang .Since Emilie and I thought of the new highway would be better and nearer way to go Ampang . Who knows we took roughly 1 hour ++ to reach her place . Reached her place then moving on to partyyy !! I am extremely drained now so yeaa as usual let the pictures speak for me .

before going to Quattro charged our energy at Kopitiam !

After that ,

On our way there !!! Lets start partyyy xD

Michelle and I *peace*the lenglui Venez This is the winter at Quattro with ice table and chair so coool ~. The

temperature was freaking cold it was roughly -12celcius , smoke could really come out from ta mouth while you talk .

and this guy .I forgot his name .

Btw , we spotted Tan Boon Heong at Quattro as well with all his friends .Well , I didn't know that he is that tall compare with him on tv . We wanted to take a picture with him but too many people around him already .LOL

Went back to Mich's home sweet home 5 in the morning . ZzzZzZz..

The next day .... 30th August 2009 Merdekaa

So before we going nowhere , charge our energy again at Sakae ,Leisure Mall .

After that headed to Venez's super huge house . We planned to go Lookoutpoint sadly we don't know the way there :( .Then Mich said want to play Mahjong hou-em-hou? , being ignored hahhaa x) Lastly , Poppy >?
everyone Yeayyy !!

meet up again with keke and waiting for ta fireworks =)

While waiting for it , we camwhored ... roughly after 20 minutes we have been waiting so long, finally we counted down to 12. 5 to 4 to 3,2,1 hahhaahah everybody looked up to the sky shouted merdeka waaaa where is the fireworks hahhaha nothing happen ,No fireworks played x(

Passed 12 , still waiting for roughly 10 minutes ..... then headed into Poppy .

meet up with my long time no see big bro Ck. !
and another long time no see boy- Ahvin
Emilie & I

and again mr Voon & I
The Dj .Jonathan

more pictures will be uploaded sooon , ciaozzz everyone xD !!!