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03 July, 2009
Fortune brings ??

Woke up early around 8 something for driving practice . Then straight to test

, who knows the place was different from the place I used to practice .

Passed on the slope but failed at the parking part arghhhh !!!

who can be more *sui* than me now . Failed twice !Omg, I was like totally stunt there ,

I can't imagine I actually moron and stupid like that . Okay , I am speechless now ,

no point I talking about all these now . It's FAILED . I actually have never bumped the pole before ever since learning until now . Once I test only I langgar the fucking tiang .!!!!! Waited around 4 hours to get test under the big hot sun .So my situation was something like this , that grandmama's car got broke down when I tried

to reverse but it went infront instead . This infront compensation was really expensive , took me rm150 to retake x.x' .

Okay secondly , Emile had lost her puppy Cookies Tan last night . I miss it very much now , although it always annoy me , whenever I go to Emilie's house it always running here and there, licking my foot , biting my slippers and all . Now , no more! It's just so sad when you have living with something for three years and suddenly it got stolen,and we can't help it !It's just like part of your body got taken awayy and becoming cacat !!!!

For the fuckass who stole Cookies , they will lost some part from their body as well !!! Pray had that it eats well , sleeps well ,and shits well !!! No fear , god will bless it got back home :)

waiting for you back home<3