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12 July, 2009
What a w-e-e-k-e-n-d

Yesterday was dead dead DEAD tired , went tuition from 12 to 4.30pm. After that , headed to grandfather's birthday dinner . We all got so high even though with all those old hag songs . I hate drinking those red wine , made me throw up after eating so much delicious foods . Wasted , become hungry again !

me & the high class lala xD nicholas
daughtersssmotherssscheerss ! lala

Em'boo &Xiiao

After dinner , next stop we went over to Hartams Square !!! COWWW !! muuuuu ~~~

Went home around one ish !!

Today , Hanged out with Gnets worm Ee Li . Dropped over to her place , and she drove to OU . Thank god that i'm still alive xD showing off your driving license to me sommore , watch out sooner or later I will get mine . Had our Italianese lunch , not really delicious but super duper fulled .

Gnets actually hates chocolate !

big newss , she just got pregnant !


Watched 17 again at jean's house . nice movie !! Zac is still the hot one . and btw I really get annoyed by the Kimi's picture at your pc there , it's like some body is keep watching me watching movie xD

okay ciaozz . good night everyone .