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05 July, 2009
Wonderful or WTF ?
Went over to OU with family and Emilie. Quite bored over there ,
we hang around lepak , lepak ,besides eating still eating . Emilie and I were really have nothing better to say , we talked about our future boy friend . She asked what if I get to know a guy through internet and he looks good , hot, handsome ,mascular and everything perfect . But when we meet up is a cacat guy !!!!! as in can walk but not straight cacat you get what I mean ? okay I would say I will not run away , but acting even more cacat than him and make him runs away form me xDxD

On the way back home ! Camwhore at the back

me , Dickson,Emilie


lastly Happy Buffday to my brother WC , his 20th years old !



ok ciaozz ! :)