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01 July, 2009
Books swallow me ? Me swallow books ?
So , I have officially started my form6 last week . Besides Math.S ,
the rest were not as tough as I thought .Still can catch up ,
but I know I need to work much harder than last time !
Xuze asked me to go college with him next year
, thought of that a while but my final decision also stay put . He cursed me sum more fail my form6 and follow him next year . Nah ! badmouth .... puii pui pui .
Okay , I was pretty shocked when I was told by my mom about the MJ's news early in the morning. I was like : what ?? sei jor( die already) ?
Well,as I said do precious the one you want to precious from now .
Things are really unpredictable, and just happen like that without giving any signal . Mj just passed away right one week after my grandpa . Who knows who will be the next?
Once again may MJ RIP .
PS:: ctjw babi when are we gonna meet up again ? Just spend me one of your sunday k !