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13 June, 2009
Woo Wooo Wooo YEaaa !!!
Lastly , it was suppose to be a mos night ! but Micchie couldn't get in so we moved to the nearest club Coco-Banana ... hahahah it is cocobanana not *chocolate banana*or *banana chocolate* kay? LMAO . Okay , since I have never been there , who knows it was suck and big trap .We were cheated by its physical . No choice ! but anyhow we still siok sendiri in there , and we kept asking the Dj played certain songs . hahahah That Dj was quite *MATURE * like Michelle said , not old hor ??

i talked to her but she ignore =( deaf girl

she can't live without cigarette ! everypicture of you with cigarette =='
HAhaha after going so many places in the holidays , Em'boo gave the rank

1st Poppy
2nd Mos
3rd Quattro
4th Barcelona
5th Cocobanana
6th Supper

hahahah ! to be continue to difference of clubs in the next holidays ! Transforming back to normal life , from partygirl to become bookworm ! and here I need to clarify , I only go to club for fun but not *beikar* k hahahah bodoh !

it's time to be like this !

sayonara ~~