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05 June, 2009
Poppy night !!!~
First of all , Happy Birthday to this guy Mr.Bong . All of us really had a blast in Poppy last night thanks to you . I never thought of I club twice in a week , and yet I haven't die yet. because I drank coke instead of Chivas , and the rest crazy really use Chivas to cheer. Who knows mine was coke ? hahahhaa everybody got drunk upside down , and vomit inside out. but who cares all these ? the important was the Dj in Poppy was so hot !!! Guess what he looks 90% like Edison chen ,I should have taken a oicture of him .

Happy birthday!!
me , Foon aka *the phone * & Cherence

my tao fu pok !!

Vyson . Cherence , & I

me and Lou Xu fun
look at his clothes I would say hello,uncle Vyson !
(btw look at the bodoh at the back )

lousshufun , Cherrie , me
emilie and her boy !xD
tao fu pok again !!

Around , 2.30 I had to leave ! After picking up all the drunkards , around 3.00 only get to go home . before I left there , something embarrassed happen on me . Which was I fell down on the stairs , everybody got shocked and they thought I was drunk =.=' okay , and quite numbers of people looked at me that time *fishfish*. hahahahaha
okay so that's it .