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17 June, 2009
I've absolutely losted my mind with no direction ! This year seems isnt a good year for me , everything got postphoned . Nothing is accomplished , I'm such a failure somehow or maybe I don't have the luck .
Firstly , I just got the transfering letter form the current school , the government rejected me from transfering , it's due to the school I wanted was fulled already. Waited for couples of weeks , and such answer I get . So it's okay , now I am applying for other school , and yet they asked me to wait for another three weeks again . I'm tired , I'm frustrated already!!! That means I'm officially starting my school in July ! :( Now, the only thing , I rely on is tuition and never miss my tuition ! If I still didn't get the transfer , that means I am going to Help college already =( .
God knows it's my destiny ..... ended up need to go college ?

Secondly , I have just failed my driving on the slope. another shit happens on me , the next driving test will be postphoned until July .Its july again..

Thirdly ,my grandpa is now in serious situation ,my mom said he would leave us anytime. We're now very worry whenever we pick up any phone call from Ipoh . Pray hard for him , and may he can leave us peacefully without any suffering :(