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Epoh .
06 June, 2009
After getting few hours of sleeping , awake by my mom this morning !Gosh , I have to get ready and go to Epoh . Such a rush one .I insisted to go back to hometown because I precious every chance to see my grandpa . He is around 87 this year and we all know that he will leave us anytime. He couldn't walk himself , I visited him just now and he already could not recognize me and even mymom . really sad !

my ah gong slept in the car , enjoying with the music we played (:

First day , if you ask me what is nice epoh , there are nothing other than the foods in epoh are really nice . Err , no foods picture only beverage , the foods temptation makes me forgot to take a picture of it .
this is not milk shake , but jagung !nice one *epoh lang*

this is mix-fruits , I ready ten bucks to pay ,
but it was only Rm 3.5 cheap oneright?

this is also mix-fruit but ice blended
most people hate this but i like it .

The next day , early in the morning went to jog at the hills . on the way walking up there spotted this emo monkey
on the roof hahaha!cute
Before leaving Epoh , headed to a temple .

like a heaven

I ciaozz llurr ...