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what a day ^^
01 May, 2009

Today was a tiring day,Emilie and I had finally done a good deed in our life lol ,which was we volunteered working for this Buddhist event . It wasn't that bad as we thought . 7.30am we got to wake up this freaking early to prepare and go over there . First of all , we plated the flowers and gave it out for those who came into the hall for praying and so on ... lot more to do I'm lazy to explain .

this was the god that we should help him to shower on the shoulder in order to get blessed and have a healthy body .

on the stage there were a few monks praying for us as well . this gold sparkling god is * pu sha* ^^

Ahhh , Ooooo , Eeeee

I'm sure that if you guys watched the movie Rob-B-Hood by Jackie Chan , you 'll know who does the baby looks like . Don't you think he looks like Matthew ???

How many percents you give for the similarity ?

okay , overall I was playing with him the whole day ! He's just so cute and friendly ,because he went and hugged every kids around him hahah . hope to see him tomorrow .!

good bye .