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24 May, 2009
okay , it was a Saturday night again ! wheretogo -wheretogo - Emilie and I kept asking each other . didn't hang out the entire afternoon because of the weather , hate the weather nowadays extremely hot and dry . Finally , around evening rained heavily !But it's too cold , therefore went over to a place around time square for steamboat . I love the yinyang spicy pot a lot .

Sorry! my capturing skill was bad doesn't make it looks delicious at all . but it's really nice I swear
if you are those who likes spicy .

& this , this was the sauce I died for ... it was seriously spicy , but I don't know why I just couldn't stop my hand from dipping it .

see those slices of lamp ? my favourite .
loitering at Ts after that . chilling at starbucks

Sunday ....

As usual , went over to temple with my mom ..... woke up freaking early . After that headed to Sogo to buy bro's prom coat. Okay , while waiting for my bro trying his coat . Snap- shot out side !

Suddenly my mom said : gam yong ke yi pai zhao meh ? ( you can take picture through the mirror ? )
I : ahbuthen ??
mom: don't lie , how u take ?...
I: you see ( showed her the picture )

mom:waa ! I want to take also .....
I : don't want you're too fat , cannot fit you in the screen .
mom: ....... ( looking at me with her innocent face )
I : hahahah just kidding ! ok larh ..

he looks absolutely like a bridegroom my mom said . lol

( I think she eagerly wants my bro to get marry)

He ended up tak jadi buying the coat , because it was over Rm1000++ for only the coat .
*I thought there were gold or maybe diamond inside *lol

Went home for showering ..... heading to One Utama to haunt for the coat again !!!

he looks nice with this one , no more bridegroom .

Dickson my lilbro - another dwarfish bridegroom haha

okay that's all for yesterday and today.

Good night