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Shop-a-lot !
02 May, 2009

Hang out with Emilie for shopping , Emilie is very stupid , very babi ,
a dancer had offered her a Leehom's concert ticket for free,

but she has rejected him without asking me (0.=')

Yes ! today is Lee hom's concert .. and I didn't get to go ,

went for shopping instead . sob sob :'(

we both went out with our new shoes , we bought a shoe with not suitable size , but we still insist to buy and wear it
Firstly , went to sungai wang ... squeezing here and there, which I hate it the most, there was crazily crowded. I was sweating like a pig , and more like walking pasar malam . In addition our feet were hurt also because of the shoes , therefore we limped over to Watson to get plaster x) This is like what we say in Cantonese (oi leng em oi meng )haahahah.

Afterwards, we headed to times square , on the way walking there I nearly fell down three times in a row . Luckily was I didn't not really fell down just a slippery . If I really fell down the fourth time , I would seriously go buy lottery. okay continue so after that , Emilie brought me to this Taiwan restaurant . The foods there were so nice . the one in my spoon was oyster . saliva dripping xP After that , we headed to watch movie . Here's some stupid conversation between us

I : what movie to watch ?
Emilie: ......
I : erm , the X-man seems nice , wanna watch ?
Emilie : coming soon.
I : No , it's not coming soon , it's already on air on 29 April .
Emilie : nola coming soon .
I : ......?
Emilie : I wanna watch the movie's named "coming soon" !
I : za dou . Boooom hahahhaha

We ended up didn't get to watch , because it was full house .

After Times Square , heading to Pavillion in order to get the tickets . I told her to get the short cut to go Pavillion . Do not take the way passing by Sungai wang , but we were lost on the way there , took an even longer way to reach Pavillion . alamakk How stupid .

Reached Pavillion , we got into Forever 21 ...
shop , shop , shop ... we've forgotten to buy the tickets =.=' , when we realized it was already 8.00pm . and we were lazy to walk there as well .

Ignore me see those dresses are really nice !

Emilie pissss . hawt hot !

Due to insufficient credits , I bought none of them . I am gonna bring them home next time x)

good byee !