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I could have a better one ? maybe ...
21 May, 2009

Okay , inhale~~~ exhale~~I am now feeling super duper worry .... I feel this year isn't a good year for me , everything that I thought was a good thing turns out to be bad . The bad one will never turns back to good . Damn it larh ! First of all the sui thing is , my driving test got postponed into next month due to the day I book was fulled already . damn it and they did not tell me earlier !! Okay , next sui thing is the school I want probably can't get in again , because they only give the first right to their own students from 5 to 6 . another shit again , I have prepared all my heart and soul and sacrificed the chance of going into college , now they are not sure whether there is a place for me or not. Somehow , I just feel very frustrated of what I am being . Whatever I wish , the wish will never come truth .or whatever I want , I will never get it . Even I buy a clothes , it will be either the size is finished or something else happen . It's just very baffle you know !!! I so wanna transfer school ....!!!! I don't wanna stay any longer here ....