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09 April, 2009

01. 愛得得體
02. 心跳
03. 春雨裡洗過的太陽
05. 我完全沒有任何理由理你
06. 另一個天堂
07. 玩偶
08. 腳本
09. 競爭對手
10. 搖滾怎麼了!!
Basically all the songs in this album isn't bad , especially xin tiao and jiao ben really touching ! I'm extremely eager to go to his concert . But all my salary have been kept in bank by my mom, and she told me not to spend this kind of useless money . Gosh ! why am I so stupid , I should have kept some of the money and bank in some =____=' I think it's too late to talk about all these now. Hollie & Gar Jun are going too , I am so jealous O.o you guys better take more picture in the concert for me :(