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There is a difference
07 April, 2009
I don't have any idea to start my post , so I just straight to the point and transfer what is in my head through my fingers . Hang out with my ex-colleagues ytd , we planned to go to steamboat last Friday and it got delayed because of me . Loads of peoples seem fell into sick recently, I also just recover from fever . Accompanied my friend (Cherence) to interview a new job , but she ended up missed it . So while waiting for my colleague finished working . We decided to go to Times Square .

When we've reached there , I went to digi center with her to get some email setting for her phone . While we were waiting there , there was a random kid sitting behind me . I did not know that she was actually calling me so I just ignore her . After awhile she kept scratching my back hahhaah ! She was so cute ! And when I was leaving , she just shouted loudly like Bye BYE !!

Hang out there until around 10 something , heading to this restaurant called 1PLUS1 around TimesSquare area for steamboat. This was my very first time streamboating in the mid night , while waiting for the rest of them to come over. We took the order first , and I was surprised that the steamboat was not like ordinary , one big bowl and mixing every body's saliva in .! It had a small bowl for each of us , and I ordered one of the sup is called *sharkbones* sup very nice . Sorry for didn't snapping any pictures of it, food is more important than pictures x)

this was one of the dishes that I snapped while waiting for the sup to be boiled

got home around 1.30am o.O' really late, drive to the wrong road on the way back home made us even late , supposed to reach home around 12.45am!!