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Excited , Bored , Sicked ....
03 April, 2009

Yesterday was really awesome but boredom. I woke up the wrong timing and had a rush preparing to go out with Hollie and Jeanette for F1 . We met up at kl central and the stupid komuter train took me around 40 minutes to reach kl central , seriously screw it i swear i won't take ktm once i have got my driving license. cinapekk train !! Getting the bus way to Sepang ...

I was really excited at first , when I heard those engine sound was really loud like breaking through my ears drum. Anyhow fun it is , the weather was really killing me when we queued up for the signatures. Jeanette was still super *semangat* with it , ey this is the first time ever i see you so semangat under the sun huh. I have never seen it in school during peejay time okay !! haha x) kidding . I was nearly going to faint after the first round getting signature . I thought of getting Lewis Hamilton's but I ended up waiting for them under the trees .

jeanette and hollie posing while chilling ...

We headed back to kl central around 4 for our *breakfast* . dead tired !!

Heading back to home shower , I have got sunburn on ma shoulder ==' no wonder so painful , and it is already two tones . After that around 7 went for this movie Shinjuku Incident at Pavillion .

The film is considered as average for me , but strong violence. and everybody die in the end haha , I am lazy to write more about it already .Go watch it yourselves .


I am finally sick already after running under the sun throughout the day.Omg I'm so toufu nowadays, the headache and fever is killing me , I must stop my fingers from typing now .