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22 April, 2009
I have nothing in my mind to blog , just want to express somebody's outrageous behaviour here . Yesterday I went to this driving class , I had been waited for the trainer for about half an hour . First I got into his car , it was extremely stink and messy like dogshit, and the worst was that guy looks like a rapist .I was like shit !! I was forced to give patience for the sake of getting my license as soon as possible . I told myself it was only three lessons , be patient , be patient . Okay , he told me the water spilt , and his pants was all wet . He told me that he needed to change it and his house was just around the training place . So okay , I said after he changed then we headed to the training place . After he changed the clothes , he told me not to go to the training place, just training around his house area , I was like what the fuck =.=! he's so damn unprofessional ! I have paid so much for such service? so okay ! I have no choice to even say no also , he made me extremely angry to the max which was he fucking touched my hand for teaching me how to change the gear , does it really necessary?? and fucking touched my thigh for teaching me how to control the clutch ? what the fuck is this man?? I ended up learn one hour out of two hours lesson . He told me when is the next class lesson and he will pick me up and all . NAHHH! FUck la . I am gonna make complaint all these to his boss and change another trainer . I should have taken a picture of him and give a warn to all the girls no to let him teaches you driving . arghhhh !! I have to wash my hands and thigh over billion timesss now ! =(