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Beauty up my life
14 April, 2009
Okay , no pictures for today's post , I update is due to keep the Jeanette worm proud of me ngek!ngek !ngek! Well I have just passed my undang last week . Went for the stupid amali 6 hours lesson at Puchong as well . The driving training is gonna start in couple of weeks . heehee , there is loads of events in this week and it might be a last week for me to enjoy . Firstly , tomorrow I gonna go to some body's wedding dinner , don't even know whose wedding but who cares , what I care is eat eateat !haha then Thursday clubbing with Jackson and the gang maybe if it is on ,anyone volunteer to join us ? Then following by Saturday's event some colleges event in Bukit Jalil , with Jassy didn't see her for ages also . Sunday again , go to temple with mummy =____=' .