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New lesson and Last chapter
31 March, 2009
Here is a new blog with my another new chapter of life . Today is my last day of working in DIGI, what I can say about the job is I have gain a very good working experience as a cso there, time really flies as i blink my eyes. I have been working about 100 days in DIGI and now i have got to move on to another chapter , which is BACK TO STUDIES!!!! oh NO !! I have not got used to it yet .Today Jeanette dropped by my working place for awhile to purchase her favourite formula one ticket today .Really got to say a sorry to you for letting you sit alone there , too many customers also, . After putting down my job , only realize that i have not moved on many things which i suppose to do .
1st look for a school /college
2nd get my driving license
3rd hang out with friends
4th continue my yoga lesson
5th take enough sleep, how long I never have a sweet and nice dreams.
Here is some pictures of last day ...there is no where i can find such nice and cute colleague like them . Looking back to those pictures I am consider as the lousiest poser there hahahahaah .