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28 February, 2011

It was my siaozaboh Carmen Tan Jia Wen's 20th Birthday yesterday . The women was so *punctual *, she told me 3pm waited at Bangsar village , and I really punctual rushed there in time . Usually I won't be punctual , I didn't know why I do so  LoL . So we ended up managed to meet up around 4pm at Marmalade.

After so long never met up with high school buddies ,we could still talk like no tomorrow .It's worth it after all waiting . had nice place , nice food and nice conversations <3

27 February, 2011
I don't know since when I stopped blogging , and don't know why am I here to update this neglected blog today .It's been around 5 months ever since the last post . Don't even know where should I start this post . so maybe I should start with this my Chinese New Year 2011 (:

this is the first chinese new year I bought the least clothes . I finally managed to get a cheap and nice quality cheongsam from midvalley for chinese *nin choe yat* . So here it goes , went back to Tanz family for a reunion dinner ......
Every year , our cny reunion dinner is fully attendance , but sadly this year we have lost our uncle .Who was passed away in nov 2010 .We miss him so much .  Anyhows, he is always kept in our hearts , hope he was watching us from heaven and we had this dinner together .

Tanz flowers !

me and coco

again tanz flowers without make up :D

doggie baby also has her new clothe. 

my entire fifteen days of chinese new year was basically gambling , drink, eat and gambling .
then HUATTT AH !

Lost and Found (;
11 October, 2010
Holla peeps !!

hahaha I was eagerly to update my blog few weeks back , but I found that I have forgotten my blog pw .
(swt -.-)I kept on trying and trying it was still wrong until just now out of sudden password poops in my mind hehe . so here's another update for ma blog . ^^